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Obituary for Pamela Anne Moffatt (Moffatt)

It is with great sadness our family announces the passing of our beautiful and talented sister Pamela Anne Moffatt (age 62 years) on Thursday November 10, 2022, as well as her beloved pet dog Shadow (age 14 years). She was surrounded by the Love of her family and friends at the Brockville General Hospital Palliative Care Unit after a devastating and unexpected cancer diagnosis which progressed faster than anticipated.
Predeceased by her parents Eugene and Helen Moffatt, Pamela is survived by, and will be extremely missed by, her three brothers and 6 nieces and nephews; Timothy of Cobourg (Patricia) and his children Alexis and John Ryan, Michael of Toronto (Lulia) and his children Jack and Emily, and James of Stittsville (Sue) and their children Aaron and Jason.
She will also be dearly missed by “My Guy”, Jerry Robson … (Thank you so much for the Great Memories but most of all thank you for all the wonderful dances).
Pamela was very fortunate to have many people she loved and who loved her in return. To her Forever Friends; Cathy (Kafenzakis) Kapouradakis (Greece), Mary Coville (Brockville), friends of over 52years, Stephen Goodberry (Pamela’s ex-husband) and Debra Currier, Jamie Wagar, Pam Reddick, Tina (Lauri) Brown, Rosie Sigg, Randy Brake, Angela Smale and Ed Mahon (Dominican Republic), Pam Buckingham Cunning, Johvi Leeck, and many more dear friends too numerous to mention. Your constant and continued love, support and encouragement have meant the world to Pamela.
She will also be missed by Jacobb and Lucius, godson’s of her predeceased Forever Friend Karen Amell.
Lastly, she was unbelievably blessed to have been accepted into a number of families as one of their own. Randy Brake’s family (Mother Lois Dore, sisters Chantal (Howie) Coons and Terri (Tiggs) Graham, and their predeceased sister, Kim.
Another of Pam’s special families was the Sharpe family. Al Sharpe and Pam became boyfriend and girlfriend in 1976. Although their relationship ended, his family loved her and kept her as part of their family for all these years, forging a deep friendship that has lasted to this day. Mother and father Verna and Burt Sharpe (predeceased), daughter Diana Heward (Tom d.), daughter Debbie (Bill), son David (Marlene), daughter Darlene (Gerry) and son Al who came to visit, call, and support her beyond anything she would have imagined at the end, saying, “We Will Never Forget You!”
To all her Facebook Friends… if you are on her list… She loved you and you’ve been so important to her.
One thing about giving, getting and having time, was hearing from so many friends and family members who contacted her so regularly and came to visit. Your calls or texts and your visits meant the world to her at such a devastating time. She cherished every one for all their thoughts and prayers.
She was so blessed to know that so many people cared about her. Pam said, “The best thing about having time is using it to get closer to her family and friends and to express her gratitude for all their support, kindness, love and encouragement”.

Pamela was always very athletic and excelled in many sports and activities, especially during her younger years… winning numerous Most Valuable Player trophies, from baseball, to volleyball to tennis. She became a teacher of both Volleyball and Tennis and a Fitness Instructor at her local Brockville YMCA.
She loved to be challenged in every area of her life, especially with sports or even playing pool. She loved to compete with men as they challenged her to become a better player but…. even more, she loved to beat them at own their game or at least give them a good run for their money. She definitely never shied away from any challenge.
Pamela also loved to cook and entertain. She would have parties for family and friends or just have people over to enjoy her food, she was in her glory. She always wanted people to have fun and leave full and happy.
In the late 80s to early 90s, Pamela and her “then husband” Stephen, would have epic “Getting in the Pink” parties. As they had trimmed their house from dark grey and mint green to white and pink with lots of pink flowers. (Really it was only trim and it wasn’t as bad as you might be thinking lol). This gave them an excuse to say we’re “Getting in the Pink” come on and let’s have a “Getting in the Pink” Party. The last party they had, they invited 120 people. There were cool games and lots of prizes, where everyone had to wear something pink. There was music, appetizers and food galore and there were even midnight appetizers. The party started at two in the afternoon and would go on till at least 2 a.m. or later. Ahhh to be young again, with all that energy. People would look forward to their parties as they got bigger and better every year.
Unfortunately in 1990, Pamela’s life dramatically changed when she contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, she was unable to do her getting in the pink parties ever again. However, people loved the pink parties so much, many actually begged Pamela and Stephen to have them again as they were such a blast and said they would actually pay money to come to the parties if they would please do it again.
Although, Pamela lived with a debilitating illness for over 32 years and had other health issues to contend with, she strove and struggled every day to live life to the fullest… to the best of her ability.
She was a friend to many and would lovingly help family and friends when she was able, even to the detriment of her own health as she cared so deeply.
Pamela had a “Never Give Up” attitude and an “I’ll find a way”… headstrong approach to life. She had such incredible determination in the way she took on life.
Being sick she unfortunately gained over 100 lbs… However, one thing Pam was extremely proud of herself for, was losing over 110 lbs and keeping it off with statistics saying over 90% will gain it all back and more. Pamela did it the hard way… with sheer determination… pound by pound she succeeded. Even only being able to walk 5 minutes a day in the beginning and then having to sleep all day to recover, she would get up and have to start over each day, yet she persevered.
From an early age Pam loved music, influenced by her Dad and Mom’s love of music. Almost every family occasion would include music singalongs. Music was her passion and she became a successful singer/ songwriter.
One of her biggest achievements was releasing a song she recorded and released to the Canadian Country Music Radio… and that song, was voted One of Canada‘s TOP 100 Country Songs of the YEAR of 1998. Shania Twain was at the top that year.
Remarkably, Pamela achieved this success without; playing gigs or going on tour and without having a video, a record label, distribution and only very limited marketing.
She did most of this while sick in bed and hired a radio tracker to promote her song... an accomplishment virtually unheard of. Then the next year in 1999 she was invited to be a showcase artist, at the Canadian Country Music Awards week in Ottawa. One of 20 showcased artists chosen from across Canada.
Then in 2006, Pamela had to have emergency, lifesaving open heart surgery. She had to be in a coma for almost a week with tubes in her throat. This left her unable to sing for almost 7 years. However, she would not give up, and virtually taught herself to sing again.
Unfortunately Pamela‘s health wouldn’t allow her to do much more. However, if she would have had perfect health, we all are confident she would’ve made a big splash in Canadian music and maybe even break into the American market.
Over the years Pamela made three CDs. The first of which was a three song mini CD under her former married name of Goodberry, the second was titled “We Will All Stand For Freedom”, and her last CD was aptly titled “Legacy”, which because of her unpredictable health, took her over 15 years to make. To say she was a determined person is an understatement!
She finally was able to release her third CD called “Legacy” in Nov. 2019. It included 17 of her own original songs, from Country to Pop to Gospel, Children’s songs and everything in between.
Pamela loved music and loved every genre of music. She especially enjoyed singing, song writing, recording, entertaining and performing. She was in her element when she was on stage.
One of Pamela’s saddest regrets is that her health would not allow her to go out and sing and entertain regularly, as she longed to make people happy with her music.
However, her deepest sadness at the end was how much she was going to miss her family and her many, many friends who she held dear to her heart.
Her hope is that her life made a difference in the lives and hearts of people she touched; either with her words and music, or with her kindness, understanding, caring and loving nature. If Pamela knew you… she held each and every one of you with so much love in her heart.
Pamela was so grateful for the time she got to spend with each and every one of you… She will miss you and forever carry the love she had for you in her heart!
The greatest gift Pamela said she was ever given was her dog Shadow. For the past 14 years they spent every day together. Pamela and Shadow loved going together on adventures in the car and long trips to visit family and friends. They loved going for walks, going to the park and especially loved playing Frisbee, ball and going swimming together. As per Pamela’s request they will be buried together.
“Me and My Shadow”… “Together Forever”
From all the songs she wrote, her most favorite song says it all…“I Will Never Forget You”.
Although such a cancer diagnosis is one of the worst things that could ever happen to anyone, she was still grateful for the life she was given as there are too many younger than her, especially children who go through cancer or die too young.
To all the doctors, nurses, PSW’s and all the members of the Palliative team …. Their kindness and compassion was amazing.
She was also so grateful for the extra time she had to visit with each and every one of you. It meant the world to her. For those she never got a chance to speak with or see, know that she carried you in her heart.
She said, “I never wanted to die and leave every one and everything I loved, but this is the life I’ve been given. Although my life has been one struggle after another, I persevered and tried to live the best life I could. My music and my songs became my children and they are my gift to the world.
My CDs will be given out at my “Celebration of Life Karaoke Party”. My dream has always been to have my words, my music and my songs touch the hearts and lives of the world. I hope I have touched your heart or inspired you.
Live your best life! Forgive yourself and forgive others and I know your life will be better, as it made mine better.”
Words From my favorite song I wrote;
“Time is God‘s greatest gift, we never know how little we have, sometimes we take it for granted and in an instant we’ve lost what we had… For all the times that we have shared… it’s so hard to let you go, you touched my heart so deeply, there’s one thing I want you to know.” “I Will Never Forget You!”
My thoughts at the end are, I hope I made a difference and I hope I will be remembered… because
“I Will Never Forget You”.
You Always and Forever will remain in my Heart!
Pamela’s song “I Will Never Forget You” is engraved on her headstone.
A graveside service will take place on Nov. 26 at Oakland Cemetery, Brockville, Ont. at 3 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend.
A Funeral Procession commencing from Pam’s home and continuing on a route of her choice to Oakland Cemetery via Lyn. Those wishing to be included in the procession should contact Tim @ 613-345-8628 or Stephen @ 613-246-6422.
A Celebration of Pamela’s life will be held at the Prescott Royal Canadian Legion Branch 97, on Saturday November 26th at 7:00 p.m. Eulogies start at 7:15; anyone who would like to share in Pamela’s Eulogy is welcome. This will be followed by Pamela’s Celebration of Life Karaoke Party.

If you would like to do something in Pamela’s memory she would love you to go to YouTube or other music platforms and listen to or buy her many songs and/or share your favorites. Or visit her website at
Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 97, Wounded Warriors Canada, or any charity of your choice would be greatly appreciated.